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None of the outlets listed on your where page are near me, so where can I get a Thumbthing?
New shops and new territories are starting to sell Thumbthing all the time. Please keep checking the website for new listings.

Can I buy Thumbthings online?
A few sites are now offering online sales:
USA: www.spoonsisters.com
Europe: www.clearprospects.com
Please keep checking for new online listings.

Do you offer a mail order service?
Unfortonately we do not offer a mail order service.

What is so great about the Thumbthing?
There is nothing else like it, it is beautifully designed, and it is so simple to use. It fits neatly onto your THUMB like a ring and does not clip onto the book at all! This means turning the page is as simple as ever. And of course it makes reading more comfortable and much much cooler!

Will the Thumbthing break the spine of the book?
Absolutely not. It is designed so that the underside of the Thumbthing fits snugly into the spine with a gently tapering angle to prevent breaking it. Also, because the base of the Thumbthing fits so snugly into the spine, it gives it stability on the page.

I've been reading books all my life, why do I need a Thumbthing?
So have I but I have always felt keeping the pages of a book open is uncomfortable in certain circumstances, like reading in bed, whilst lying in the park, or in the bath, etc. Thumbthing allows you to read with one hand only. It also holds the pages open wider than if only your thumb was used to keep the pages open. This is especially important when a bedside light casts a shadow because the pages are not open wide enough.

How can you use Thumbthing as a bookmark?
The Thumbthing can be inverted and inserted into the top of a closed book, but it is not designed to function as a conventional bookmark. It is useful to keep your Thumbthing with the book when you are finished reading, and the wing ends are designed to be very narrow so one end can be pushed into the spine to give it grip in this postion. However, if you are only wanting a bookmark, we suggest you buy a bookmark!

My thumb gets tired when I read?
Because it is hard to hold the pages open wide for a long time when you are reading your thumbs naturally get tired. With a Thumbthing the 2 wings give your hand an extra two thumbs as it were on the one hand. For this reason it is a little less tiring. But, even still, your thumb will probably get tired after a while using a Thumbthing too. The answer is to periodically change the hand you are reading with, swapping the Thumbthing onto your other thumb.

Won't the Thumbthing obscure the words on the page?
The Thumbthing has a very clever thin design when looked at from above. This sleek shape fits easily between two rows of words on a page, so none of the writing is obscured.

Will I use it if I buy it?
The more you use a Thumbthing the more you will see how it can help you read. It might take a while to get used to it, but once you see its benefits, you won't want to leave home without it. You might even have to cancel a holiday if you've left yours at home!