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What people say about Thumbthing...

My daughter traveled in Europe this summer and brought me back a
wonderful gift, the Thumb Thing. What a wonderful tool. I am an
elementary school librarian and will get a lot of use out of my thumb
thing. How can I order extras, I live in the USA. I'm sure teachers in
my buildings will want to steal the one I have. Thanks!
Joanie Oegema

Hello! When I was in London this past week I purchased a thumbthing!
What a great time I have had using it. Now that I am back in the states
and trying to locate them - No Luck! I would like to order ten if I may. Please tell me how I can do this!!!! Wendy NOttoli

I am writing to enquire about the possibilities of buying the Thumb thing in Sweden. As I am working for a publisher I thought it might be a nice give-away to our customers at Christmas time, could you therefore inform me about prices and any Swedish retailers.
Best Regards, Maria Molin

Hi, Please may we order another 200 thumbthings. Thanks.
Fraser Jansen, Methven's Booksellers Windsor

I bought a Thumb Thing in London and I love it. I want to buy several more for friends but I live in the US. Can I buy them on line anywhere???

Bought your great thumthing in London and wondering why it is not sold in Norway?
Regards, Arnfinn Eide

I bought a couple of your wonderful and innovative thumb things in a books etc., when I was in London a few weeks ago and am very very interested in selling them in my shop.
Awaiting your soonest reply
Anita Samtani, Trinidad

Lots of interest in the shop and customers think
that they are really zany - I am very optimistic and am sure they will sell for christmas
Anita Samtani, Trinidad

I am interested in purchasing a couple of 'thumbthings' from here in
Hawaii. Could you let me know cost of shipping & handling - I think I
can work out the 2 pound exchange rate into US dollars.
Many thanks, Donna Morrison

Please send me a thumbthing!!! I lost mine in the airport! Just E-mail me back!!!

Hi there! I live in Denver, Colorado, USA and my friend returned from England with a thumbthing... I'm dying to get one... can I order one from you guys online, or is there a number I can call??? Please help!
mary peterson

WOW I'm really impressed with the thumb ring and want one NOW!
I go on Holiday soon and will be reading a lot on the beach,
but don't think I'll be able to get a thumbthing in time for my holiday.
Can you help?
Thanks, Clare

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